Monday, 25 March 2013

Indie News Weekly (Has Launched!)

That's right! I thought that PlayDB needed to expand a little, and therefore i created INW (Indie News Weekly). When will the Episodes be uploaded? - On Mondays What will be in INW? - Latest Releases (Cannot fit in all the games, so i choose the ones i find interesting.) - Indie Deals (From: Desura, IndieRoyale, Green Man Gaming, IndieGameStand, IndieVania, The Indie Gala, and sometimes Steam.) - Upcoming Games (From IndieDB) Why so much from IndieDB? - Because i have a feeling it has become the central place for developers to show progress on their games, and therefore they add a release date, and content there. Even thought it might not release on IndieDB/Desura. So check it out, and smack a like button and share it if you like it. And if not then tell me how to improve it ;). And of course Subscribe to stay updated on First Looks on the the INW.

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