Thursday, 28 February 2013

Eleusis - Indie Game

Eleusis is a 3d first-person adventure game for Windows developed by Nocturnal Works. It takes place in a seemingly abandoned village in Greece where the player character, while trying to seek refuge, finds himself in the center of a whirlwind of mysterious events. As the plot unfolds he finds clues that indicate that the village is a nest of a cult which plans to revive a dark force through an ancient ritual and harness its power. The player character faces the challenge of unlocking the forgotten knowledge of the ancient mysteries in order to stop the cult from accomplishing their goal. It is an exploration based adventure game where the player is called to solve the mystery by finding clues and reading various texts based on actual history, mythology and technology of ancient Greece.

Monday, 25 February 2013

atWar - F2P Advanced Risk Game!

atWar, formerly Afterwind, is a free-2-play online multiplayer turn-based strategy game (Silverlight). In the best traditions of Risk and Axis & Allies, you play against other people to fight for world domination. Features free unit movement - no grids or predetermined paths. Up to 20 players in a game, simultaneous turns. Another feature is the Map Editor allowing players to create their own maps and units, giving you the chance to re-enact any battle real or imagined. If you get disconnection problems with the Desura file right after you load the game then you should disable the firewall or add a firewall exception rule... or just go to our website and play in your browser there.

Saturday, 16 February 2013


Explore the mind of a young boy tortured by a mystery.
« Where am I? Mom? Dad? I'm afraid... these shadows… they're approaching… How to stop them? »

William, a 9 year old boy, finds himself into a strange world.

Not knowing how he arrived into this mysterious but familiar place, he quickly realizes that he will have to struggle not to sink into oblivion.

To discover what happened he will have to face the deepest fears concealing his memories.<!--more-->

Friday, 15 February 2013

Oozi: Earth Adventure

An Epic 2D platform game, that i heavily recommend to all Rayman fans out there!

It has the same art style and game feel to it, so you will feel right at home, plus you will get the new Oozi feeling!
Classic 2D plaftorm game with oldshool gameplay. If you love games like: Super Frog, Rayman, Earthworm Jim - Oozi is game for you.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

PlayDB - Longshot - "Indie Desura"

Longshot is a game about space combat. The majority of the gameplay is dueling with other ships, flying maneuvers with allies and destroying the enemy. You play a merc either for the humans or the aliens. There are six ships on each side, two of each of three different classes. There are four weapon types and two missile types. There is a central base which can be captured to allow you to build automated defense turrets. The purpose of the game is either to destroy the enemy base or hold the central base long enough to win.

PlayDB - Heroes & Generals - "Indie Steam - Free to Play"

This game has become so big, its almost not an Indie game anymore. And with the picking up by Square Enix, it makes it hard to say it is. So either way, we thought it still should get a PlayDB!

It is a MUST play for those that love the WW2 theme and to fight in battles that feel like they matter.

Heroes & Generals delivers a full blown first-person shooter experience, complete with intense infantry and vehicle combat in a wide variety of modes and missions, fought on behalf of the Axis or Allies. As your customizable character advances in rank, you might join a small squad of elite soldiers operating behind enemy lines, or fall-in with a larger section fighting an epic battle for a strategic bridgehead.
The result of every clash alters the ongoing battle for European domination. Each conflict takes place across diverse battlegrounds including contested cities, factories, airfields and war torn country-sides, each one represented on the strategic map with hundreds of key locations.
As these battles are waged, resources and global strategies are managed on a tactical overview map linked to the game's innovative War Server. Here, players who choose to be strategic officers will have the entire map at their disposal and can decide how to manage battlefield assets and where to push the attack.